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Cosmetic Laser Surgery Specialist

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Laser skin resurfacing can help Heights Dermatology patients throughout New York City and the Brooklyn and Manhattan areas obtain even, blemish-free skin. Dr. Avram provides patients the latest in cosmetic laser surgery for the face, chest, and neck.

Cosmetic Laser Surgery Q & A

What is Laser Skin Surgery?

Laser skin resurfacing or cosmetic laser surgery treatments are a type of cosmetic procedure employed to assist people with achieving skin which smooth, blemish-free, acne-free, and scar-free. The procedure employs short pulses of concentrated light focused on affected skin to remove damaged tissue layer by layer. 

Who is a Good Candidate for Laser Treatments?

If fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, or on the forehead or imperfections are making patients feel uncomfortable, laser treatments can help. Non-responsive skin which has been through a facelift and shallow scars from acne can also be treated with laser skin therapy. If the patient has deeper scarring, severe acne, dark skin, or if he or she is trying to minimize stretch marks, this treatment may not be the best option. To determine if cosmetic laser surgery is right for you, contact the office for a consultation. 

How Should I Prepare for a Laser Treatment?

Once a person has gone through his or her consultation with the dermatologist and laser skin therapy has been chosen as treatment, there are a few instructions and pieces of information which can help him or her to prepare for the treatment. During the consultation, the patient will inform the doctor of his or her medical history, present overall health, and expectations for the treatment. This information will assist to guide the procedure and ensure that the best methods are employed. Inform the doctor if you are prone to cold sores or feverblisters because the laser surgery can instigate a breakout. Roughly 10 days in advance it will also be imperative to cease taking specific medications such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and vitamin E. If you smoke, this will also need to be stopped approximately 14 days prior to the treatment. Before and following the procedure, it is essential to follow all of the doctor’s suggestions. This will ensure that healing progresses the way it should.

Insurance Accepted

Please contact our office to verify acceptance of your plan. Qualifications for insurance coverage may differ due to the uniqueness of each procedure. 

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